The Westminster and Bankside pier extensions are complete

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Back in June, we provided an update on the Westminster Pier extension, an operation that Bennett’s has been extensively involved in.

We’re now pleased to reveal that the work at the pier – as well as at Bankside – is now complete, and both are now fully operational. The final piece of the jigsaw was completed after Bennett’s tug Steven B brought up the finished barge from the KGV lock.


Steven B prepares to take the extension up river (Photo credit: Andrew Christy @AJBC_1)

We had been working on the project at the site on behalf of Herbosch-Kiere and Transport for London. Now finished, the piers can now accommodate Thames Clippers calling there.

It’s a job which has included a lot of towage and safety boat work in particular from Bennett’s, while Herbosch-Kiere hired the slave crane barge Devon from us – which has also proved integral to the extension work. Our Scheldemond vessel also assisted with the installation.

It brings an end to months of work and involvement in the project from Bennett’s, which has been achieved very successfully. We look forward to seeing it in use for years to come.

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