Livett’s Group offers a full agency service and tailored support packages to Superyachts and Ships visiting London at any time of the year. A stay in the centre of London has never been so simple!

We provide a complete service, including:

• A range of central London mooring options
• Help with passage planning
• Customs clearance
• Booking Tower Bridge lifts
• PLA pilotage booking & notification of the relevant authorities
• Fresh water, fuel and stores deliveries
• Licensed waste management
• Tender service
• Discrete chauffeured cars & limos
• Blue-badge guides
• Hotel rooms in various locations (special rates)
• Security
• Mooring parties

We can of course accommodate
less regular requests.

A few examples of past requests include:

  • Professional tailors
  • Chiropractors
  • Specialist flower arrangements
  • Carpet cleaners